7 Quick Reasons For Buying New Builds In Chiddingfold

If you a resident of Chiddingfold willing to buy a property there you must be well-aware of the crisis in the mortgage market. No wonder, house hunters have almost no option of choosing a foreclosed or cheap residence. In spite of all these, a newly build house has more potential than a previously owned house. Though such houses cost a bit more but selling them is easier and possess higher selling points.

New builds in Chiddingfold

Few Other Reasons For Buying A Newly Built House Are As Follows

• Green Appliances

These houses generally have green appliances and systems, thus helping you to reduce your utility bills. Few of the appliances generally include efficient stoves, washing machines, furnaces, refrigerators, water heaters, and AC units, among others. Something houses build one or two years ago might not have. Though you can also buy all these appliances later but it might burn a hole in your pocket.

• Lower Maintenance Cost

Recently constructed house are specially engineered to reduce the need of maintenance. Sometimes composite products are used for the exteriors instead of materials like wood which rot easily and need repairing. Buyers opting for a used house might have to start spending a lot for the maintenance within few months.

• Customisation

Many builders leave scope for the buyers to design their own property, create a customised living space, and design the interiors according to their own preferences. Buying a new property gives you the freedom to choose your own flooring, select the shade to paint the building’s exteriors, or decide the position of your bathroom.

• Warranty

A recently constructed residence even comes with a warranty period. Most builders are ready to shoulder all the necessary repair work which might be required in the first few years. Some properties are even warranted for lengthy periods. So you don’t have to end up paying for minor issues like a leaking roof or a faulty heater.

• Financing

Buyers showing interest in newly constructed buildings can take advantage of mortgage financing. Sometimes builders make those loans easily available to the buyers. With the larger buildings having their very own mortgage companies, they even offer the buyer paying points/closing costs, or reduce the loan rate.

• Few Repairs

A used house has experienced numerous incidents of wear and tear through the years. People buying previously-owned houses have to start by replacing the carpet, repainting the walls, buying new appliances, or have to change the flooring. But new builds in Chiddingfold has comparatively fewer repairs.

• Fire Safety

It is vital for newly constructed homes to have fire safety features. Something that properties build a few years back lacks. Fire retardant is used in the insulation and carpeting. They even install hard-wire smoke detectors which offer a better protection to the residents.

The points mentioned above will help any buyer to confirm their decision of investing in a newly build house. Just make sure it has been constructed by an experienced and licensed builder.


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